330 CDs Classic Rock, Pop, Alternative Electronic Rare 80s 90s & more OOP

330 CDs Classic Rock, Pop, Alternative Electronic Rare 80s 90s & more OOP

330 CDs Classic Rock, Pop, Alternative Electronic Rare 80s 90s & more OOP

This is my pre-owned CD collection. Many rare and hard to find music CDs.

All CDs guaranteed to be in very good condition and in fine working order. 

  Any exception notes have been added to the CD title line (i.e. nice, new. broken jewel case...)


Ø  10,000 Maniacs, blind man’s zoo

Ø  10,000 Maniacs, hope chest

Ø  10,000 Maniacs, in my tribe

Ø  10,000 maniacs, MTV unplugged, nice

Ø  10,000 Maniacs, our time in eden

Ø  1959, golden years

Ø  3 Doors down, but better life, nice

Ø  3D big adventure sounds, universal conquest,

Ø  40s mania, time music, 40 hits,

Ø  650North, awake, new

Ø  90s party, just the hits, nice, broken jewel case

Ø  Aerosmith, big ones, nice

Ø  Aggro 2000, self-titled, nice

Ø  Alan Parsons Project, the best of Vol. 2

Ø  Alanis Morissette, jagged Little pill, nice

Ø  Alannah Myles, rocking horse, new

Ø  Alice in chains, self titled,

Ø  All you need is love, nice

Ø  Amanda Marshall, self titled, nice

Ø  America, United we'll remain, new

Ø  Amy Grant, part in motion, nice

Ø  Amy Grant, the collection, nice

Ø  Andy Williams, 16 most requested songs, nice

Ø  Andy Williams, the ultimate, broken jewel case, nice

Ø  Angel Alanis, the subconscious state of techno, new

Ø  Ani Difranco living in clip, 2 disc boxed set

Ø  Ashlee Simpson, autobiography,

Ø  Avalon, the best of, do

Ø  B-52s, cosmic thing, nice

Ø  Babyface, for the cool in you, nice

Ø  Bad Company, 10 from 6, nice

Ø  Bangles, greatest hits

Ø  Bare naked ladies, everything to everyone, nice

Ø  Barry Manilow, the greatest songs of the 60s, nice

Ø  Beach boys, 20 good vibrations the greatest hits, nice

Ø  Beatles, 1962 to 1966 double album nice

Ø  Beautiful South, the beautiful South 0898

Ø  Belly, star

Ø  Ben Folds, rock in the suburbs, , nice

Ø  Bernadette Peters, Sondheim, etc. live at Carnegie Hall: the rest of it, nice

Ø  Better get this now, volume 1 and 2, nice, but broken jewel case

Ø  Billy Idol, charmed life, nice

Ø  Billy Joel, fantasies and delusions, nice

Ø  Billy Ray Cyrus, some gave all, nice

Ø  Black-eyed peas, the end, nice

Ø  Bleeding like mine, in the eyes of love lost, nice

Ø  Blondie, greatest hits, nice

Ø  Blondie, the best of, new

Ø  Blues Traveler, four, nice

Ø  Blues Traveler, live from the fall, nice

Ø  Bob James, restless, nice

Ø  BoDean's, black and white, nice

Ø  Boingo, the best of

Ø  Boingo, Untitled

Ø  Boney James, seduction,

Ø  Bonnie Raitt, longing in their hearts, nice

Ø  Bonnie Raitt, nick of time, nice

Ø  Boo, Halloween fun and games, new

Ø  Book of love, love bubble

Ø  Box car racer, self-titled, nice

Ø  Britney Spears, baby one more time, nice

Ø  Bruce Springsteen, Lucky town, nice

Ø  Bruce Springsteen, the essential, three CDs, nice

Ø  Bruce Springsteen, the rising,

Ø  Bush, deconstructed, nice but broken jewel case

Ø  Bush, razor blade suitcase, nice

Ø  Candle box, self-titled, nice

Ø  Cardigans, first band on the moon, nice

Ø  Carrie Underwood, carnival ride, broken jewel case

Ø  Celine Dione, let's talk about love, nice

Ø  Celine Dione, falling into you, new

Ø  Celine Dione, the color of my love, nice

Ø  Chauncey, self-titles, nice

Ø  Cher, believe, nice

Ø  Cher, living proof, broken jewel case

Ø  Chuck Berry, the great 28, nice

Ø  Dave Matthews band, stand up, no artwork/insert

Ø  Clay Aiken, measure of a man, nice

Ø  Coasters, greatest hits, nice

Ø  Colcannon, some foreign land, nice

Ø  Come Recline, with black velvet flag, nice

Ø  Come together, America salutes the Beatles, nice

Ø  Cool world, songs from

Ø  Counting crows, August and everything after, nice

Ø  Counting crows, films about ghosts, the best of, nice

Ø  Dambuilders, Encendedor

Ø  Dance Blitz 98, 2 Cds

Ø  D'Angelo, brown sugar, nice

Ø  Dave Matthews band, crash, nice

Ø  Dave Matthews band, live in Chicago 12.19.98

Ø  Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, live at Luther College, fax

Ø  David Gray, a new day at midnight, nice

Ø  David Gray, greatest hits, like new

Ø  David Lindemann, ancient evenings distant music, nice

Ø  David Sanborn, upfront, nice

Ø  Days of the new, self-titled, nice

Ø  Deana Carter, did I shave my legs for this, nice

Ø  Def Leppard, greatest hits 1982 1995

Ø  Devlins, waiting

Ø  Dick and Mel 20, the treasure of belonging, nice

Ø  Dido, life for rent, nice

Ø  Dido, no angel

Ø  Dire Straits, Brothers in arms, nice

Ø  Dolby, astronauts and heretics

Ø  Doors, The Best of - Double CD counts as two.

Ø  Double life, white and black, nice

Ø  Drivin N Cryin, smoke, nice

Ø  Duran Duran,

Ø  Dwight Yoakam, this time, nice

Ø  Elton John, duets, nice

Ø  Elton John, rocket man number ones, broken jewel case

Ø  Elton John's greatest hits, volume 3 1979-1987, broken jewel case, nice

Ø  Elvis Costello, the very best of nice

Ø  Enya, a day without rain, nice

Ø  Enya, Shepherd's moons, nice

Ø  Eric Johnson, ah via musicom

Ø  Evan Olson, one room, nice

Ø  Feist, the reminder, like new

Ø  Foo fighters, one by one, broken jewel case

Ø  Four tops, 19 greatest hits, nice

Ø  Frank Sinatra and friends, Frank 808, nice

Ø  Frank Sinatra, in the late of the evening, new

Ø  Frank Sinatra, the best of, Symphony of the stars performed by the RRSO, nice

Ø  Frankie Yankovic, 48 polka waltz medleys, broken jewel case, nice

Ø  Freddy Jones band, Lucid, nice

Ø  Freddy Jones band, waiting for the night, nice

Ø  G.I. jukebox, 1937-1946, original hits from the swing era, nice

Ø  Genesis, the way we walk (vol. 2 The longs)

Ø  Genesis, we can't dance, nice

Ø  Gloryland, World Cup USA 94, nice

Ø  Gordon Lightfoot, gords gold volume 2, nice

Ø  Great white, twice shy, nice

Ø  Gypsy Kings, the best of, broken jewel case

Ø  Gypsy Kings, volare, the very best of, nice

Ø  Half the city, without a star, new

Ø  Hits of the 60s, broken jewel case, nice

Ø  Indigo girls, nice

Ø  Indigo Girls, rights of passage, nice

Ø  Iron butterfly, in a godda da vida

Ø  James Blunt, back to bedlam, nice

Ø  Jean Luc Ponty, individual choice,

Ø  Jessica Simpson, in this skin, two CDs, nice

Ø  Jet, get born, nice

Ø  Jimmy Cliff, the harder they come, nice

Ø  Jock jams, volume 2,  nice

Ø  Joe sample, invitation, broken jewel case, nice

Ø  Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai – G3, Live in concert

Ø  John Hiatt and the goners, beneath this gruff exterior, nice

Ø  John Mellencamp, dance naked, disc needs cleaning, nice

Ø  Joleen Benoit, another year, nice

Ø  Jon Secada, secada, nice

Ø  Josh Kelly, just say the word, CD case

Ø  Joshua Radin, simple times, nice

Ø  Judybats, down in the shacks where the satellite dishes grow

Ø  Judybats, pain make she beautiful

Ø  k.d. lang, drag, nice

Ø  k.d. lang, ingenue, nice, broken jewel case

Ø  Keane, hopes and fears, nice

Ø  Kelly Clarkson, my December, broken jewel case

Ø  Kenny G, the moment, nice

Ø  Kiss, the very best of, nice

Ø  Lemonheads, it’s a shame about Ray

Ø  Leo Kottke, great big boy, nice

Ø  Lights out, old-time radio blockbusters, knock at the door Dec 1942 & murder in the script department May 1943 nice

Ø  Lilith fair, a celebration of women in music, nice

Ø  Love moods, the most romantic classics, 2 discs, nice

Ø  Luther Vandross, secret love, nice

Ø  Lyle Lovett, it’s not big its large, like new

Ø  Lyle Lovett, the road to Ensenada, good

Ø  Lyle Lovett, you can't resist it, nice

Ø  Lynyrd Skynyrd, all-time greatest hits, nice

Ø  Madonna, music, broken jewel case

Ø  Mandy Patikin, Oscar and Steve, nice

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